Do’s of Traveling by Air

  • Airport Car seat/Stroller – Toddler is too heavy to carry through a busy airport?

Here’s a flying mom’s solution: purchase a small metal luggage/package carrier (the kind that folds up with two wheels) and a package of bungee cords. Place the car seat on the metal fold out shelf of the carrier and securely attach the car seat to the carrier with the bungee cords. Place your toddler in the car seat and secure him/her as you would normally. Now you can pull the luggage carrier through the airport with car seat and toddler attached. Sure beats dragging the car seat and trying to push a stroller and carry the toddler, all at the same time.

  • Pack a sippy cup, bottle or pacifier for take off and landing. The sucking action works just like chewing gum and helps the ears deal with the pressure changes.
  • Pack individual backpacks for all kids who can carry them. Pack with favorite toys and a few new surprises!
  • Go to the Dollar store and get a few new toys. Give one each hour for a fun surprise and to make the time go by faster.
  • Pack favorite snacks. Airlines don’t have kid friendly snack foods to offer.
  • Pack small DVD player, headphones and favorite movies. For longer flights and for the wait time before boarding, consider packing a small DVD player and your childs favorite movies. Be sure you have a spare fully charged battery.
  • It is often nice to have a toddler’s car seat on the airplane. To take a car seat on an airplane it has to have a sticker on it saying it is approved for airplane travel. Not all car seats are approved and you don’t want to take it along and find out at the gate you can’t use it. Also remember the car seat must go in the window seat so as not to block the exit row in case of emergency. If you have other kids who want a window seat you may need to split up your seat assignments.
  • If the flight isn’t crowded it is okay to ask for a seat assignment with an empty seat next to you, allowing you and the kids to have a little more room.


  • Don’t take the last row of the airplane. Engine noise is usually louder and window viewing is usually obstructed.
  • Don’t try to carry everything on the airplane with you, check as much luggage as you can when traveling with kids. 88Bet realize alot of airlines charge for bags, but you will be so much less stressed and tired if you don’t try and drag the bags and children through security.
  • Don’t pack liquids in your childrens backpack carry ons. Remeber airport security has the no liquids more than 4oz rule. So bring money to buy water, juice and hand sanitizer after going through security. Packing empty favorite cups is still ok!

There you have the Do’s and Don’ts of air travel with kids, from the Best family vacations destinations, enjoy your trip.