The Best Family Vacations will be different for each family.

Before deciding on your family vacation destination, you must first look at your family members’ likes and dislikes. Be honest and try really hard not to impose your desires on everyone else, or you will have a vacation full of whining!

Here are five vacation styles to help you get the best family vacation planning started:

1. The Relaxing Vacation….

You see a vacation as an escape from the housework, homework or work in general. Your only concerns are relaxation, sleeping late, Frisbees, sand castle building, board games, in-room movies and a swimming pool.

Consider Condo rentals or Resorts at the beach, a favorite lake, Scenic Mountain setting or national park.

No matter what you want there are relaxing vacations for you and your family, for detailed ideas try our summer vacation ideas for that relaxing family vacation.

2. The City Vacation….

All of your family loves city life. They die to see museums, historical sights, the latest plays or first run movies.

A city vacation with kid appeal is for you. In a big city book a hotel within walking distance of your “must see sights”. This avoids traffic and getting back to your hotel room for a nap or swim in the pool is a snap.

3. Adventure Vacations….

Is your family into trying new things? Looking for adventures? Then your best family vacation may be an Adventure Vacation!

First decide does your family want an outdoor adventure such as: mountain biking, rock climbing, backwoods hiking, river rafting, horseback riding at a dude ranch, snorkeling or scuba diving.

Second decide if your idea of adventure is more Thrill Seeking. Maybe big theme parks are your idea of an adventure. Riding the top ten Roller Coasters is a goal or travel to the biggest water parks; seeing Sea world, Disneyland or Disney World.

Whatever your adventure you need to check out our Adventure Vacations to help you plan your family vacation.

4. Combination Vacations….

Combination Vacations

Your family’s vacation style might be finding a perfect balance between lounging by the pool one day followed by non-stop action or sightseeing the next day.

You want to consider resorts, cruises or vacation destinations near major theme parks. Check out our Best Kid Vacations for great ideas on planning your family vacation.

5. The Tropical Vacation….

When Slot88 say vacation all you see is sunshine, palm trees, sandy beaches with warm clear blue water. A Hawaii or Caribbean vacation is definitely for you!

Check out these areas to help you plan that tropical vacation you’ve always dreamed of a Hawaii vacations.

Additional Tips

Now that you have selected your style of vacation here are a couple more pointers to ensure you’re ready for a specific destination.

Planning to go on a driving vacation or visit relatives for the holidays for your summer vacation? Got a long drive ahead of you? Make sure your tires are up for it! Visit your local tire shop and see if any work needs to be done before you hit the road.

Don’t forget to consider the time of year you will travel, this could be quite important to a Disneyland trip where December, January & February might be cheaper but may also be cold and wet. Planning to go to Washington DC in January? Are you ready for snow?

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Finally, remember you do not need to see it all or do it all in one trip! That’s a recipe for disaster. Pick your must see’s and do’s and the rest can wait.